Driving Instructor Courses

Do you want to become your own boss? Work the hours that suit you and earn up to £600 per week, then you will need more information on driving instructor courses to get you trained up so that you could teach people how to drive. Luckily we have experience and can share with you all you need about instructor training.

Course Requirements

Before you can become a driving instructor you will need to meet some basic requirements.

  1. Hold a full UK driving license
  2. Have a clean license for over 3 years in most cases – some training companies may ask

Driving Instructor Courses – Know your options

Depending on how quick you want to learn and your budget, there are 2 main options. The first is you can go on a crash course. This is usually group based and will generally be cheaper option at around £800. The 2nd option if one-to-one training and the price will be approx £1500 approx.

Some companies may offer you a discount on the training if you join them when you are qualified. There are also training companies that will pay you while you are learning, known as ‘earn while you learn’. BSM is one of those companies. You will be on a income lower than what you would earn when you become full time, but it all helps to get you foot in the door.

What is involved in the Courses?

A driving instructor course will general consist of some theory work such as multiple choice questions, understanding the highway code and then some practical lessons. Later on in the course, you will be taught teaching skills and will be asked to run through scenarios with other students or instructors as if you were teaching them.

What to look for in a Driving Instructor Training Company

  • Check the pass rate of the course. You will not won’t to spend money if the pass rate is low
  • Is the training company close by
  • Do you need your own car or is one provided
  • Are they qualified trainers